Aging in Place

Aging in Place

With the increased standard of living in the US, it is perfectly understandable that our seniors are more willing to spend their retirement at home instead of a care facility. Aging in place has become a very popular remodeling project for homeowners who wish to adapt their home into a comfortable place conducive to seniors’ safety and well-being.

Aging is inevitable, and it sometimes comes with a lot of disabilities. Fortunately, with aging in place remodeling services, it is possible to live in your home with any physical challenge. Your home can be modified in a way that it supports the elderly both safely and comfortably. In fact, you don’t have to get old so that you remodel your home to meet your needs. You can prepare it for the future while you still have the energy and time to do it. Accessibility remodeling is essential as it allows you to live independently in your home for the longest period possible.

Preparing a home for you or an elderly loved one requires professional skills. Tampa Remodel Group specializes in aging in place services and we understand that your physical limitations don’t change the person you are on the inside in any way. We have offered to help the people of Tampa live a comfortable and safe life by transforming their homes in a way that meets their unique requirements.

Broad range of expertise

We have specialized knowledge required to remodel any home to suit almost all age in home requirements. Our professionals have vast experience with using state-of-the-art tools to ensure quality and efficiency. We bring our years of experience as well as reputed designs to you so that you can get safe place you will enjoy living in for years to come. We have remodeled countless homes of different models, styles and using varying materials, colors, and designs in Tampa and other cities.

Convenient service

One of the factors that make our remodeling company stand out from the competition is our ability to eliminate inconveniences for our esteemed customers. We provide you with a simplified renovation plan with a detailed scope of work so that you know how we will make your home safe and comfortable for your situation. We also assign a highly qualified designer to coordinate and oversee every step of your project. Most importantly, we leave your home clean and protected since we use eco-friendly materials. And once we complete your project, we perform a thorough cleanup to ensure that your home is clean just like we found it.

Personalized solutions

Accessibility throughout your home is crucial, and that is why we incorporate what you have in mind in the design. We have a policy of creating home remodeling solutions that are customized to your exact preferences and desires. You can count on our undivided attention once we commence your project. Focusing on your project exclusively is chiefly aimed at surpassing your expectations.

Ensured end product

With a professional design team and detailed plans on our side, you can be sure that your needs will be met based on your design and budget. You can rely on us in creating a remodeling plan that is fully ADA compliant. We can handle projects of different scopes, from minor adjustments like grab bars and ramps to large-scale projects such as widening your doors and hallways and installing walk-in bathtubs.

If you are ready to get started with your age in place remodeling project, contact Tampa Remodel Group to learn more about our services. We will be glad to answer all your inquiries and make your Tampa home accessible, safe and comfortable