Room Additions

Rooma Additions

Getting the much needed additional space has never been so easy! With our room additions service, you can have an extra room to accommodate the needs of your growing family, or you can enlarge the existing rooms to enhance the overall functionality of your home. Room additions are also bound to add up to your home’s market value.

Adding a room is a great way of creating more space and improving the entire atmosphere of your home. You get the chance to give your house a feeling of novelty in a fraction of the price of moving into a relatively larger home. Meeting such needs, however, requires the assistance of a professional room addition contractor like Tampa Remodel Group.

We can help you create that ideal space that you have always wanted in your Tampa home for entertainment purposes, to cater for your family expansion or to accommodate your visitors fully. We can also construct a new living room for you or a new game room, gym or home office, to extend your bathroom or build any other space that suits your specific needs.

A broad range of construction options

We have talented experts who can add any room you could possibly desire. We have the capability to build on any side of your house, whether it’s on the side, front, back or even upwards. We could also make you a staircase to allow for the addition of an entire floor because we have everything it takes to get it done. We have experts from all disciplines ranging from roofers, framers, electricians, and flooring professionals. All of them work on your project seamlessly and with an aim of adding a quality room for you.

Design selection assistance

You may have an idea of the type of space you want, but lack the knowledge to bring it to life, especially if you are not a professional in this field. We help you develop a plan with regards to what you are looking for, starting with the type of room, design and square footage. We then help you choose the building material and products such as the floor coverings, color schemes, fixtures, and appliances so that you live to enjoy your home for many years.

Timely completion of your project

We schedule all the activities of your room addition project meticulously so that you know when we will be working on it and when we will be completing it. In the case of any changes (which are usually rare), we ensure that we inform you beforehand. We guarantee to complete your room addition project on time and budget. We also protect you and your family from the inconveniences and disruptions that may arise due to construction noise or harmful products and materials.

Customized room additions

Our experts will first consult with you on the specific needs of your family, and suggest what is suitable for your requirements and your budget. The purpose of the assessment is to give you the chance to design this new area so that it meets your unique needs. We offer you the opportunity to be active during the whole process of construction so that you maximize your satisfaction by ensuring that we accomplish all your goals.

Tampa Remodel Group can get your room addition project done correctly the first time round to help you save time, money and give you a piece of mind.